ClimatePartner has the perfect green electricity package for your company  

ClimatePartner has the perfect green electricity package for your company  

Green Electricity Products


Choose from four green electricity products:  

With Green Electricity Future, procure energy attribute certificates at an attractive price. Like all of our product variants, transparency for you and your customers is extremely important to us.   

With Green Electricity Regional Future*, contribute to regional forest protection with your purchase of sustainable energy. A minimum defined amount funds joint projects with the woodland conservation charity Schutzgemeinschaft Deutscher Wald (SDW) which runs environmental initiatives in your region with long-standing expertise. 

With Green Electricity Select, choose your renewable energy certificates cominge from specific power plants that you select by hand from a portfolio. Using exclusive image and communication material, you can prove where your green electricity was generated both clearly and transparently.   

With Green Electricity Impact, you make an environmental or social contribution in addition to your commitment to sustainable energy generation as a minimum defined amount is invested in a specific project of your choice with demonstrably significant benefits. Possible action areas for use of the funds: Biodiversity, water quality, fuel poverty, social justice or sustainable urban development.  

As our green electricity products are reviewed and certified annually by TÜV Rheinland, you can use the TÜV Rheinland quality mark in your communications with customers. The energy attribute certificates are for 100% renewable energy and are based on matching generation and consumption over a defined time period. The power plants comply with all national regulations and requirements relating to agricultural, natural and environmental conservation. ClimatePartner retires your green certificates in the relevant registries so as to avoid any double counting.

A tailored energy solution – Customise your green electricity package

Do you wish to add further criteria to your chosen green electricity product? No problem – ClimatePartner lets you add individual attributes and have them certified:
Make sure that your electricity is 100% carbon neutral by offsetting CO2 emissions resulting from the construction and operation of the power plants with carbon credits.  
Choose the technology to be used to generate your green electricity, such as wind, solar or hydro power.   
Select your green certificates based on the special quality criteria of well-known quality labels such as OK-Power and EKOenergy.   
Purchase green certificates from younger installations to ensure that the power plants do not exceed a certain age and incentivise the build-out of new generation capacity.  
Help drive the energy transition by investing in local support or the local expansion of renewable energy.  
Purchase green certificates from power plants situated close to your sites so they are of local origin.*2  
The extra feature of simultaneous production and consumption ensures that renewable energy is physically balanced within a narrow time frame (e.g. in the same month).  

Would you like to learn more about our green electricity package? Please contact our specialists.
Please note that Green Electricity Regional Future cannot be combined with additional attributes.  
*2  Not available for all locations.