Implement reductions

Implement reductions

The third step in your climate action journey

There is no alternative: companies must contribute to global climate action by structurally and drastically reducing emissions. ClimatePartner helps companies focus on setting ambitious and achievable emissions reduction targets, and then following through to implement these reduction measures. Implementing reductions is the third step in the five steps of climate action. 

Some reduction measures are obvious and can be implemented in the short term, such as green electricity, sourcing recycled raw materials, or a travel policy including the avoidance of flights. Others need a deeper understanding of the industry and its supply chains.  

With our specialised consulting teams of industry experts, we can help companies to find and implement reduction measures. 

Green energy 

Switch to green electricity with Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs). 

Network platform 

Calculate and reduce your company’s scope 3 emission in cooperation with your suppliers. 

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