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Candy Kittens – a Conscious Confectionery Company

Candy Kittens is a conscious confectionery company based in the UK that creates ethical and sustainably sourced treats, offering a range that is all vegan, free from palm oil, and made with natural ingredients. Not only is it only one of the UK’s fastest growing candy brands but also the first to be B Corp certified.

Jamie Laing, Founder, Candy Kittens:

With the help of ClimatePartner, Candy Kittens have calculated, reduced and offset their Corporate Carbon Footprint—and calculated, reduced and offset the emissions linked to all their products. Together, we are working on strategies to further reduce their impact on the environment.

The company has implemented a wide range of sustainability initiatives, including designing their products as vegan (and thus avoiding emissions from animal-based ingredients), reducing plastic waste through innovative packaging solutions. Their packaging is now made with OPE, which means they can be recycled with similar plastics in supermarkets—and they us OPRL labels so that recyclability instructions are clear to customers.

As part of the partnership, Candy Kittens is investing in a wind energy project that promotes sustainable development in India. Candy Kittens continues to provide the highest-quality confections - while also making an impact on the environment. We recently sat down with its founder, Jamie Laing, to discuss the challenges and fulfilment that comes with building a company with purpose—and why he “couldn’t be happier” that he chose ClimatePartner for the journey.

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“We partnered with ClimatePartner because we really wanted truthfully, to have experts helping us on this journey. It has been an amazing process.”

Jamie Laing
Candy Kittens

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