Measure carbon footprints

Measure carbon footprints

The first step in your climate action journey

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Calculating the emissions of your company and its offerings is the first step in the five steps of climate action. A carbon footprint can be calculated for companies or products.

A corporate carbon footprint is calculated in terms of a company’s scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions. ClimatePartner can help you measure the emissions related to your business with our cloud-based software. Calculating a corporate carbon footprint helps you understand your company’s emissions, preparing your organisation for CSRD regulations and laying the foundation for a carbon management plan.

Product carbon footprint calculations consider the entire life cycle of a given product, including manufacture and disposal. Our product footprinting services allow you to delve into the supply chains of your product ranges and understand more accurately the carbon emissions related to individual products. 

ClimatePartner combines nearly two decades of consulting experience with easy-to-use software to help our clients understand the carbon footprint of their company, products, and activities. Our calculation methods are based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and will help you identify specific areas for reduction. 

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