Set reduction targets

Set reduction targets

The second step in your climate action journey

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To avoid critical changes in our biosphere, it is crucial that we keep global warming to under 1.5°C. To do so, companies around the world need to join in the fight by taking ambitious climate action to reduce (and, to the extent possible, reverse) the damage humans have caused.

Reduction targets are one part of a broader climate action strategy. A comprehensive strategy defines a company’s climate action vision and goals, how these commitments are anchored in the company, the short, mid- and long-term reduction targets and a roadmap for how these can be achieved.

At ClimatePartner, we offer three key services related to target setting, supported by our knowledgeable consultants: 

Climate action strategy: Interactive workshops and easy-to-digest resources to engage your senior leadership team as they develop a strategy and tactics to accelerate your company’s impact. These are extremely helpful for those companies at the beginning of their sustainability journey. 

Science based targets: From introductory workshops to tailored, end-to-end support for setting and validating science-based targets directly with the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi), we can help your internal stakeholders make sense of all the complex information. With the help of scenario analysis tools and our industry experts, we will ensure your targets are credible and ambitious. 

Net zero roadmaps: Through easy-to-use tools and workshops, we support clients in designing net zero roadmaps that stand-up to external scrutiny. We align with the Net Zero Standard developed by the SBTi and have built resources for SMEs, too.  

Why should I choose ClimatePartner?

  • We have over 15 years of experience partnering with clients across many industries, allowing us to share best practice and advise on the feasibility of reduction measures. 

  • Our suite of services and solutions creates flexibility in meeting clients’ specific needs when it comes to reducing carbon emissions. 

  • Our large network of suppliers and manufacturers – many of which offer lower-carbon solutions – means we are well-placed to make direct introductions, making ClimatePartner a practical partner in your decarbonisation journey.  And more importantly, our innovative and passionate team is here to encourage and challenge when needed. 

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