Product Carbon Footprint (PCF)

Product Carbon Footprint

A life cycle assessment of your product's carbon emissions

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Calculating product carbon footprints

ClimatePartner combines more than a decade of consulting experience with easy-to-use software, to help its clients understand the carbon footprint of their products throughout their value chain.  

Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) calculations consider the entire life cycle of a given product. This means you would delve into the raw materials that make up your product, how its manufactured, transported, used and disposed of. At ClimatePartner, we carry out a cradle-to-grave or “cradle-to-customer and end of life” analysis depending on the relevance of the usage phase for a product.

A product carbon footprint is relevant to your business if you'd like to understand the impact of individual products you produce: How product design choices can reduce carbon emissions, benchmark individual ingredients and raw materials against one another, and set specific reduction targets based on tangible initiatives.  

What can I expect from a product carbon footprint? 

  • A holistic understanding of your product's impact on global warming
  • Identification of emissions hotspots and where your investments can yield the greatest impact
  • Ability to offset the unabated emissions by financing climate projects

Why should I choose ClimatePartner?

  • Over 15 years of experience partnering with over 5,000 clients in industries ranging from consumer goods and retail to finance, services, and manufacturing
  • We have developed an exclusive database of thousands of emission factors, compiled from databases such as Ecoinvent, DEFRA, Agribalyse, etc., as well as its own proprietary data
  • Our approach provides both precision and useful insights: accuracy matters to evaluate and track emission reductions so we will always recommend consumption-based accounting over spend-based accounting 
  • Our methodology follows the GHG Protocol and is closely aligned with ISO 14064/PAS 2060 standards

To see the products and sectors for which we have already calculated PCFs, see some of our client case studies

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