BLACKROLL: Where health meets climate action

BLACKROLL: Where health meets climate action

BLACKROLL: Where health meets climate action

Promoting health, wellbeing, and performance is the cornerstone of BLACKROLL's mission. Back when it all began in 2007, connective tissue fibres, known as fascia, were still largely unknown, as was the tension-relieving effect of the first fascia foam roller. The "rolling pin for connective tissue" was dubbed BLACKROLL due to the colour of the expanded polypropylene (EPP) the product was made from. EPP was a material associated with the automotive sector and at that time was available only in black. Today, the foam roller is available in many colours, and the name BLACKROLL is known around the world. 

The founders of BLACKROLL made sustainability a central concern of the company from its early days, recognising that environmental changes have both direct and indirect effects on human health. Since 2021, BLACKROLL has been working with ClimatePartner to calculate the carbon footprints of the company and selected products, aiming to identify the areas with the highest potential for reduction. Since 2023, BLACKROLL's fascia tools and training bands have been ClimatePartner certified. This means that BLACKROLL has defined reduction targets and continuously implements reduction measures, both at the company level and for its products. 

Reduction measures at the corporate level

BLACKROLL has already achieved an ambitious goal by switching to renewable energy to cover 100% of its electricity needs. Furthermore, the company has implemented various energy efficiency measures and ensures that decision-makers are directly involved in climate action activities. In addition, BLACKROLL has included climate aspects in its procurement guidelines and works closely with its suppliers to involve them in its strategic climate action efforts.

Local production, durable materials

About 96% of BLACKROLL’s products are made in Germany, using an environmentally friendly process that utilises only steam and pressure. EPP, the primary material for the fascia tools, is a by-product of crude oil extraction and is characterised by its durability, shape stability, and resource efficiency – it is mostly air and is fully recyclable. This allows for its reintroduction into the raw material cycle. 

Currently, BLACKROLL is working with its producers to increase the amount of recycled material in its products. The black fascia products already contain up to 30% recycled material. At the same time, the company is evaluating ways to close the raw material cycle itself, to promote an even more sustainable production process. 

Efficiency, quality, and sustainability are the core principles of BLACKROLL. As part of this, the company also funds certified climate projects from the ClimatePartner portfolio to the amount of its unabated emissions.

Funding renewable energy and protecting our oceans

Because a portion of its products is made from plastic, BLACKROLL finances a project for global ocean protection that promotes the collection of ocean-bound plastic in coastal regions. Additionally, the company funds a project to promote renewable energy in Asia.

Through its climate-ID pages for the EPP fascia tools and training bands, as well as the BLACKROLL website, the company transparently reports on its climate action strategy, ongoing measures, and reduction targets.

"We do many things right, but we are not perfect. And we agree that we can do something for fair and regenerative economics as well as climate action. Sustainable regeneration occurs when we take responsibility. Being responsible as a company, while also strengthening individual responsibility, is a task we take very seriously. Because no matter what the issue is, it all starts with YOU. Even if it sounds nice and sells well. But it is not sustainable. That's why we take responsibility for your personal responsibility. And for our carbon emissions, we take responsibility by investing in certified climate projects from ClimatePartner, among other things."

Linda Kotin
CSR Manager