Green Hotels

Carbon neutral overnight stay and carbon neutral events

In April 2023 we introduced ClimatePartner certified. It stands for mandatory emissions reduction and transparency of the whole corporate climate action strategy.

In addition, we offer companies the opportunity to make a financial climate contribution. With this solution, companies that support climate projects can make their important contribution to global climate action visible to the public.

We no longer make claims about carbon neutrality. However, the carbon neutral label remains available to our existing customers until the end of 2023. During this transitional period, you will still find references to carbon neutrality on our website.

Sustainable solutions for hotels

By offering carbon neutral overnight stays, you as a hotel sharpen your sustainability profile and attract attention - without effort for you. Whether private or business travellers: Sensitivity to environmental and sustainability issues is growing every day, and so is the willingness to make your own contribution. With our module for carbon neutral overnight stays, you will become a pioneer in climate protection overnight.

With the ClimatePartner hotel calculator, hotels can record their carbon emissions and show them pro rata per guest and overnight stay. They can offset these emissions by supporting a recognised carbon offset project from our portfolio. Either overall - in this way you become a completely carbon neutral hotel, which is the highest level in climate protection. Or you can leave it up to each guest to decide whether he or she chooses the carbon neutral option and supports the compensation.

If you wish, you can integrate the hotel calculator into your own hotel software. Guests can then automatically see in the booking screen how much CO2 they are causing and decide whether they want to make their stay carbon neutral. For each compensation, your guests receive individual proof and can see which project they have supported.

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Our offer for hotels: Choose what kind of support you want


Calculation and analysis of carbon emissions

  • Carbon balance (carbon footprint), incl. proof and individual certificate
  • Identification of the largest emission drivers to reduce hotel emissions


Reduction and compensation       

  • Compensation of the hotel's own carbon emissions - become a carbon neutral hotel 
  • Offset carbon emissions at the touch of a button: offset the carbon emissions from overnight stays & events        
  • Carbon neutral overnight stays: web-based IT solution to compensate overnight stays at the push of a button (with certificate service)
  • Carbon neutral events: web-based IT solution for carbon neutral conferences and events (with certificate service)
  • Selection from around 400 carbon offset projects with international standards (including Gold Standard)

    Communication and marketing

  • Welcome package incl. marketing materials and labelling logos        
  • Entry in the ClimatePartner Hotel Portal, possibility of self-presentation on the ClimatePartner customer portal        
  • Online CO2 calculator for your website, calculator for integration into your website to calculate and offset the carbon emissions caused by the arrival and departure of your guests.        
  • Climate terminal for the lobby
  • Online solution for the presentation of the hotel's own climate protection activities incl. arrival and departure calculator

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Compensation through our carbon offset projects

You decide which projects you want to offer your customers for carbon offsetting. We have more than 400 high quality, certified offset projects permanently available in our portfolio and can also quickly procure many other projects worldwide through our partners.

Take a look at our portfolio - or contact us directly, we will suggest suitable projects for you!