Financial climate contribution label

The Financial climate contribution label confirms that a company measures its emissions and finances climate projects to the amount of the calculated emissions. In this way, companies help to close the enormous financing gap in global climate action.

Companies can confirm this voluntary and important commitment with the Financial climate contribution label and use it to create transparency. ClimatePartner's established ID tracking system provides consumers with details of the climate projects financed.

We award the Financial climate contribution label to companies, products, print products, services, events, packaging, and more.

It consists of four elements:


The Financial climate contribution label

The Financial climate contribution label confirms the funding of climate projects.



The signet ensures recognition – especially when displayed in ClimatePartner’s dark and light blue.



This identifies what the label relates to, for example a product, a company, a service, or another category.


ID number and tracking URL

Every financial climate contribution label includes a unique ID number. The projects funded and the amount of CO2 accounted for can be viewed transparently via the corresponding URL.


QR code (optional)

This enables quick access with a smartphone to all relevant information.

ClimatePartner's ID tracking

To access the ID tracking, anyone can scan the label's QR code or enter the ID number on our website. The ID tracking provides information about:

The order

Consumers can see the amount of emissions corresponding to the financing of the climate project, as well as which product and timeframe this financial contribution relates to.

The financed climate project  

By clicking on the field containing the name of the climate project, consumers can access more information on the supported project and the relevant standard.


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With the Financial climate contribution label, you make your commitment to climate action visible

Both on products ...

Mock up FCC label on products

... as well as on your website, printed products, or other materials.

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