ClimatePartner expands development work for digital climate action solutions

June 23, 2020

Expansion of IT capacities complements the many years of expertise in corporate climate action

ClimatePartner expands the development work of its market-leading carbon offsetting solution for compiling, calculating and offsetting carbon emissions. In doing so, the company is strengthening its almost 15 years of IT expertise in the area of digital carbon offsetting, in which it considers itself a pioneer. The development team has been significantly expanded by eleven new employees to make the solution even more flexible to meet the most diverse requirements and scenarios for a growing range of sectors and industries.

ClimatePartner attaches great strategic importance to this expansion. The now enlarged development team consists of experienced software architects, front-end and back-end developers, DevOps engineers, UX designers and business intelligence experts. The focus of this team is to further develop the solution offering in relation to the latest market and customer requirements. The core topics here include extended interface support with a modern API first approach, increased automation and digitalization of business processes, cloud migration and supply chain management, and compliance with international requirements. The development steps are designed to be agile, continuously integrated into the existing solution offering and can be requested and activated by customers as required.

Tristan A. Foerster, Managing Director of ClimatePartner: "Corporate climate action has developed from an initially abstract strategy topic to a practically applicable IT solution, not least thanks to our pioneering work. We are constantly working to align this with the latest and future requirements to ensure that we can continue to provide our customers with future-proof solutions. Our understanding as a market leader also brings responsibility for innovation towards our customers."

The expansion of the development team goes hand in hand with a general business expansion. The company supports customers in a total of 35 countries with a team of more than 80 employees. With ClimatePartner's carbon offsetting solution, they can reliably collect and calculate their emissions data, identify avoidance and reduction potential and offset unavoidable emissions by financing certified carbon offset projects. This enables them to make themselves and their products climate neutral according to the definition of the Kyoto Protocol.