ClimatePartner has joined the Greentech Alliance

ClimatePartner has joined the Greentech Alliance

May 27, 2021

International community in the field of climate action

The Greentech Alliance is a global community of over 800 companies, more than 500 advisors and other partners active in the field of climate action and climate technologies. It aims to be a hub for exchange and networking between solution providers, investors, experts and the public.

In this way, the Greentech Alliance promotes new approaches to climate action, the exchange of knowledge and the development of best practices and methods, as well as general visibility for the topic.

With over 15 years of experience and a continuously growing presence on the market, ClimatePartner sees itself as one of the innovation drivers when it comes to calculating, reducing and offsetting carbon emissions in the context of holistic climate action. On this basis, companies can achieve internationally recognised climate neutrality for themselves and their products.

The exchange with the members of the Greentech Alliance contributes to establishing common methods and procedures with which the diverse approaches of climate action can lead to the common goal of limiting climate change in the sense of the Paris Climate Agreement.

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