Helvetia: Climate protection is protection of the future

Helvetia: Climate protection is protection of the future

May 27, 2020

Helvetia Group extends the climate protection cooperation with ClimatePartner for another three years

Since 2018, the international insurance group Helvetia has been working with ClimatePartner for supporting its climate protection engagement and has now extended this for a further three years. The expert for corporate climate protection supports Helvetia in offsetting all annual carbon emissions from its business operations. This is done by supporting internationally recognized and certified carbon offset projects. The basis for this is Helvetia´s annual carbon balance sheet, which is published by CDP and others. It records all emissions from car, train and air travel, electricity consumption, heating energy for office and retail space, water, paper consumption and waste, as well as emissions along the value chain and from purchasing from suppliers.

In order to offset the remaining unavoidable emissions and in the interests of climate neutrality, Helvetia invests in carbon offset projects in a sustainable, transparent and verifiable manner. This requires extensive expertise and experience, which is provided by ClimatePartner, the climate protection specialist. The company has been active as a solution provider in climate protection since 2006 and is considered a pioneer in this field. ClimatePartner currently supports well over 2,500 companies in 35 countries and provides them with a portfolio of more than 100 international carbon offset projects certified to the highest standards. For Helvetia, this expertise and the quality of the direct cooperation are the decisive reasons for the early extension of the cooperation.

Kristine Schulze, Head of Corporate Responsibility at Helvetia: "Climate change concerns us all and for Helvetia climate protection is an important part of its core business. We are therefore pursuing a long-term strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Offsetting is an integral part of our corporate responsibility management. ClimatePartner is our ideal partner for this, with whom we can implement long-term, effective and future-oriented climate protection measures.”

The high credibility and transparency of the carbon offset projects, including a comprehensible system of labels, ID tracking and proof of compensation, make a decisive contribution to the sustainability strategy and its general recognition.

Kristine Schulze: "ClimatePartner's detailed solution brings a great deal of acceptance both internally and in the public arena, as it is clear to everyone how the carbon offset projects demonstrably save carbon emissions and what additional social value their support brings. This is also where the team's extensive experience in providing advice on the selection of suitable projects comes into play".

Helvetia Group currently supports the following climate protection projects: Forest conservation / Brazil, Clean cooking stoves / Tanzania and wind energy / Aruba.