Planting trees without compensation

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How we are nursing trees and restoring eco-systems

Planting trees without compensation

Pristine forests filter the air that we need to breathe. They stabilise and protect our soils, serve as water reservoirs and provide habitat for countless animals and plants. The worldwide forest landscapes contribute significantly to the balance of our climate. Protecting them is therefore of incalculable value.

Factors such as increasing urbanisation, cropping activities, pollution and climate change are all leading to the deforestation of large parts of the natural forest landscapes across the world. In order to restore and protect those ecosystems that are affected by forest clearing activities, we are supporting special tree planting initiatives in the Kenyan city of Mombasa and in Mount Kenya National Park in the interior of the country. These initiatives are firmly based in the community. After all, nature conservation and the restoration of ecosystems are only successful when people are actively involved in the process.

Help us restore these habitats and conserve them in the long term. With us, you can make a valuable contribution to local developments aimed at regenerating regions affected by forest clearing activities. Write to us and we will tell you how you can get involved.