Communicating climate action

Communicating how you are taking climate action should be transparent, clear, and credible

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Communicate your climate action journey 

ClimatePartner supports organisations in communicating to a wide-range of stakeholders: from reporting to investors, to press releases, and on-pack consumer messaging. ClimatePartner enables companies to talk transparently and credibly about the steps they are taking towards measuring, reducing, and compensating for their emissions.

ClimatePartner’s team is here to help you use the correct terminology, comply with local regulations, and effectively substantiate your climate claims and commitments — to avoid greenwashing.

ClimatePartner provides you with a range of marketing materials that you can use across your company’s marketing and social media channels. ClimatePartner’s template texts, images, and marketing kit allow you to talk about your climate success with honesty and authority. 

The importance of transparency and credibility

Transparency has been at the core of ClimatePartner’s ethos as a company since day one. This is why ClimatePartner assigns a unique tracking ID along with a webpage specific to your company. This allows customers and your team to gain insights into your climate action. Your dedicated webpage contains information on your total emissions, your climate action strategy, implemented reduction measures as well as any contributions made to carbon offsetting projects

ClimatePartner also provides you with a carbon neutral label as well as downloadable certificates to demonstrate your carbon neutrality to investors, colleagues, or customers. Both the label and the certificate are stored digitally within ClimatePartner’s software and have been certified by TÜV Austria. 

How we boost your climate communication

Depending on the sector you operate in, here are what we offer along with our carbon footprinting service:

  • Texts and photos of your carbon offset projects
  • A marketing package with Carbon Neutral logos, text templates, images and customer brochures
  • Help with producing customised marketing brochures
  • Text templates and graphics for your website and other social media channels
  • Help with press relations
  • CO2 and Carbon Neutral certificates for your products and services 
  • Registration on our ClimateMap as a provider of carbon neutral services and/or products
  • Support with internal communications, from newsletters to sales training delivered by our consultants

Other types of support are available depending on your business needs.

If you'd like more information, simply fill out our contact form.

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