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Accelerate your business transition by empowering your employees 

ClimatePartner has joined forces with Exponential University (XU) to create the leading online education platform in sustainability. 

As the need for corporate climate action ramps up, so does the need to equip employees with sustainability knowledge and skills. Sustainable transformation involves all departments, business processes and engagement with stakeholders from suppliers to investors. To successfully implement sustainable business strategies, it is crucial that everyone in modern companies fully understands the importance of sustainability and feel empowered to be part of the change. 

ClimatePartner and XU have come together to build the School of Sustainability to support companies in achieving this transformation, fostering an engaging learning environment for everyone, at all levels, of an organization. As such, the School of Sustainability is a comprehensive online qualification program that is tailored to the needs of various personas and roles. 

The School of Sustainability covers eight knowledge fields: 

  • Mission Sustainability 
    Sustainability terms, concepts and theories, and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 
  • Sustainability in Everyday Life 
    Ecological footprint, sustainability in everyday life and at work, sustainable consumption, green labelling 
  • Social Sustainability 
    Employees, participants along the value chain, society and communities, social life cycle assessment (S-LCA) 
  • Climate Action 
    Global warming and climate action strategy, emission accounting and reduction, carbon offsetting, and communicating climate action 
  • Environmental Sustainability 
    Energy and resource efficiency, circular economy, environmental life cycle assessment (E-LCA) 
  • Economic Sustainability 
    Stakeholder management, fields of action, sustainable value chains and value creation 
  • Sustainable Finance 
    Sustainable finance standards, ESG regulation and strategies, ESG business cases 
  • Industry Focus Sustainability 
    Industry-specific challenges and fields of action, customized industry solutions, best practice examples 

Each knowledge field provides different learning formats for various learning requirements: from 30-minute brain bites to 3-4 hour courses, up to a nano degree with 25 hours of learning time. 

Personalized and interactive learning journeys 

The School of Sustainability combines interactive online courses, complementary side content, videos and podcasts, peer-to-peer learning as well as live webinars. With learning personas and individual learning journeys in mind, there are a range of trainings available that cater to specific needs of various teams and departments. 

To increase the rate of active learners within a company, the School of Sustainability provides employee engagement campaign support. 

Upon request, the content can be fully customized to the needs of your company. 

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