Network Platform

Network Platform 

Cloud-based software to engage your supplier network on climate action 

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Get transparency on your suppliers’ climate data and support them on their journey  

For most businesses, around 90% of emissions come from suppliers and the supply chain. When working with companies to measure their carbon footprint, we see the highest volume of emissions in scope 3. In order to set meaningful reduction strategies, it’s vital that businesses engage their supplier network, and support them to reduce their emissions.

Engaging suppliers is a challenge for most businesses. Suppliers are overwhelmed with requests for data and reporting, and it can be difficult to know where to start. At ClimatePartner, we aim to make providing data as simple and understandable as possible for suppliers, while making the process educational.

The Network Platform is a software solution that makes the collection and analysis of supplier data as easy as possible for businesses, while offering industry-leading support and resources to suppliers who join the platform to help them set and progress towards their own climate action goals.   

As a business using the Network Platform 

  • Easily bulk invite your suppliers to join the platform  
  • Manage supplier communication directly from the platform 
  • Gather supplier data on carbon footprints and emissions, reduction targets and reduction measures 
  • Assess and understand the maturity of your supplier network on the topic of climate action 
  • Analyse supplier data to make important strategic decisions on climate action 
  • Track and monitor the reduction efforts of your suppliers 

As a supplier using the Network Platform 

  • Receive support and guidance to provide data requested by your customer 
  • Provide data in the platform and share it with multiple customers at once 
  • Report on your emissions and reduction efforts 
  • Receive tailored recommendations and access to educational resources based on where you are in your journey 
  • See how you compare to other suppliers in your customers’ supplier network 

The Network Platform built with the supplier in mind 

The Network Platform is designed to support suppliers in taking actionable steps towards climate action. The recommendations provided during and after providing data to your customers are designed to be simple, digestible, and actionable, so that we can accelerate climate action.

Suppliers can access a range of educational resources from ClimatePartner in the Training module within the platform and can engage further with ClimatePartner for support on their own journey. 

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