Carbon neutral printing

Carbon neutral printing

Simple Solutions for Print Shops

In April 2023 we introduced ClimatePartner certified. It stands for mandatory emissions reduction and transparency of the whole corporate climate action strategy.

In addition, we offer companies the opportunity to make a financial climate contribution. With this solution, companies that support climate projects can make their important contribution to global climate action visible to the public.

We no longer make claims about carbon neutrality. 

Our solutions for carbon neutral printing

With our Footprint Manager, you can calculate the carbon emissions generated from your print orders in line with ISO 16759 and offset them via a certified project of your choosing.

For each carbon neutral print order, you’ll receive a specific label featuring an ID number. You can use it to label the print product so that the offset can be traced in a transparent manner. This process has been certified by the technical inspection authority TÜV Austria.

How can this work for your situation? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to show you!

The quick path to carbon neutral printing

If you are looking to start carbon neutral printing right away because you have a customer request, you can use our Quick Carbon Calculator. It is based on empirical data from around 800 projects for print shops, and uses our emissions factor database for paper types and other printing materials.

We look forward to speaking with you!

Our IT expertise: Integration into your system

We customize our solution to match your situation and your requirements. We can integrate calculation and carbon offset functions as well as a label generator into your current calculation program, be it MIS rsKalk, EFI Lector, MEGALITH, pagina | net, Prinance, Printplus, ROGLER, rsKalk, as well as into your web shop.

You’ll be able to manage each order yourself, even without integration.

How does integration work? Let’s talk about it!

Offsetting via our carbon offset projects

You decide which projects to offer your customers for the carbon offset to choose from.

Have a look at our portfolio - or call us directly, and we’ll suggest a project that fits your situation!