ClimatePartner certified label

The ClimatePartner certified label makes the steps that companies take in climate action transparent. When consumers see the ClimatePartner certified label, they can be sure that the carbon emissions of the certified product or company have been measured, reduction targets set, reductions implemented, and climate projects financed.

Consumers can track each of these steps in detail on the associated climate-ID page.

We award the ClimatePartner certified label to companies, products, or services.

It consists of four elements:


The ClimatePartner certified label

The ClimatePartner certified label provides transparent disclosure of a company’s entire climate action strategy.


ClimatePartner signet

Climate action is depicted by the stylised letters ‘C’ and ‘P’ that surround a circle, the symbol for our planet earth.



The ClimatePartner label indicates exactly what has been certified: a company or a product.



The unique climate-ID number and the associated URL can be used to track the climate action measures that are associated with that specific label.


QR code (optional)

The QR code facilitates quick access to all related information via a smartphone.

The climate-ID page

Scan the QR code on the label or enter the climate-ID number on our website. The climate-ID page provides you with information about all five steps of the climate action strategy:

  • The size of the carbon footprint and the system limits
  • The reduction targets set
  • The specific reduction measures
  • Detailed information on the climate projects financed and their contribution to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Further sustainability measures
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With the ClimatePartner certified label, you make your commitment to climate action visible

Both on products ...

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... as well as on other channels such as your website.

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