Sustainable logistics

The logistics of the future relies on climate action

Logistics is the backbone of modern economies, yet it is still heavily dependent on fossil fuels. According to Smart Freight Centre, 11% of global greenhouse gas emissions can be attributed to the logistics industry. At the same time, the infrastructure of this constantly growing industry will be strongly affected by the consequences of climate change. To reach the 1.5 °C goal set in the Paris Agreement, two-thirds of emissions in today’s logistics sector must be reduced by 2050. This pressure to act is reflected in ever stricter regulations and more stringent requirements for business partners and end consumers. We support you in meeting these requirements and becoming one of the climate action pioneers in your industry.

Calculate, reduce, and offset CO₂ emissions in logistics

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Calculate CO₂ emissions of your logistics

Knowing the emissions of your company and its services is crucial for further climate action measures - for both you and your stakeholders.​

  • Consultation on emission factors and methodology by our industry experts
  • Software-supported acquisition of your emissions data and API interface for automated acquisition of large amounts of data
  • Consideration of industry-specific norms and standards (DIN EN ISO 14083:2023, GLEC-Framework)
  • Detailed emissions report
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Reduce CO₂ emissions of your logistics

Defining and consistently pursuing reduction targets is becoming increasingly critical to the success of logistics companies.

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Support climate projects

Not all emissions can be reduced or avoided immediately. Moreover, in addition to decarbonization, the promotion of international carbon offset projects is necessary to limit the effects of climate change.

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Communicate transparently

Make your commitment to climate action visible to your customers and business partners.

  • ID tracking for transparent traceability of your climate action engagement for all stakeholders
  • Carbon neutral label for companies and logistics services for immediate visibility of your engagement
  • Consultation on the communication of your climate action engagement

We support logistics companies from different sectors

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Infrastructure operators often have a direct influence on major sources of potential reductions. We help you identify and exploit these - from rail to port.

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Courier, express, and parcel services

Your climate action engagement becomes especially visible to end consumers in the last mile. We support you in exploiting this opportunity.

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Logistics services (2-4PL)

Knowing the emissions of their logistics service providers is becoming increasingly important for clients. With suitable climate action measures, we help you to develop a future-proof market position.

Our logistics experts

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Peter Mizsei

Sustainability Consultant


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Maximilian Behr

Commercial Sustainability (Logistics & Mobility)


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Olivia Schmitt-Walter

Sustainability Consultant


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