Why did we introduce the solution ClimatePartner certified?

Why did we introduce the solution ClimatePartner certified?

April 3, 2023

"Since ClimatePartner was founded in 2006, we have continuously developed our solution to meet ever higher demands – first and foremost our own, but also external ones. We have responded to new scientific findings, international treaties, and the growing expectations of a critical public, always with the aim of enabling our clients to play a leading role in climate action. With ClimatePartner certified, we are reaching a new milestone on this journey." – Moritz Lehmkuhl  


Over the past 18 years, we have achieved a lot together with our clients: from local changes in production processes, to better access to clean drinking water, electricity, education, and health services, to the protection of biodiversity in some of the poorest countries in the world. But there is still much to do. 

In order to continue to support companies in their climate action, we have further developed our solutions. With ClimatePartner certified, we have moved to a new level of climate action, including the mandatory definition and implementation of reduction targets and the disclosure of achieved reductions. 


Why are the five steps in climate action so important?  

The principle of calculating, reducing and offsetting carbon emissions has always been at the heart of our solutions. We are convinced that this approach is the right one, but now we have united these ideas in the five steps of corporate climate action: measure carbon footprints, set reduction targets, implement reductions, finance climate projects, and communicate transparently. With ClimatePartner certified, we ensure that companies recognise their responsibilities across all five steps and make transparent what they have achieved at each step.   


What happened to "carbon neutral"?  

There is currently no clear legally binding regulation on how to deal with statements about carbon neutrality. The ISO 14068 standard project, initiated in 2019, aims to establish internationally applicable requirements and principles that must be demonstrated when using the term "carbon neutrality." The project has already exceeded its regular term of three years, and publication of the results has been repeatedly postponed – most recently to 2024. Binding definitions and rules for carbon neutrality will therefore continue to be lacking.


Criticism from non-governmental organisations (NGOs)  

While consumer protection organisations criticise the term "carbon neutral" as misleading, international NGOs are already advising against its use and investing heavily in communicating their position. 

In this context, we are now moving away from using the term "carbon neutral." 


Why should I as a company opt for ClimatePartner certified?  

The consequences of the climate crisis can be felt everywhere. To stop global warming, there is no other way: companies must reduce their emissions and finance global climate projects along the way.   

Our five steps will ensure that your company implements an ambitious climate action strategy. With the help of ClimatePartner certified, you can make this climate action commitment visible and communicate it transparently and comprehensibly to your customers.   

Contact us to kick off your climate action today! 

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