Green logistics

Calculating and offsetting emissions from transport and warehouse logistics

Green logistics

Calculate and offset transport emissions

Clients and end customers are increasingly demanding environmentally friendly logistics. The reduction of CO2 and pollutants is becoming increasingly important, as is the efficient use of energy. Since the publication of DIN EN 16258 at the latest, green logistics has been high on the agenda of logistics service providers. One approach that is comparatively easy to implement and has a great impact is carbon neutral services. By offering carbon neutral transports, freight forwarders can create a competitive advantage for themselves.

The ClimatePartner solution for freight forwarders

With our solution you can easily offer carbon neutral services. This means for "green logistics": we advise you on a comprehensive and holistic climate protection strategy and calculate your remaining, unabated carbon emissions. You support one of our carbon offset projects to offset your emissions.

In order to advance this topic further, we work together with the trade magazine VerkehrsRundschau and the PTV Group.

Transport and warehouse logistics in large companies

Logistics in large companies and groups is an important field of action in climate protection. We advise on the climate protection strategy: how can emissions be avoided and reduced as far as possible? Here, too, we can calculate unabated emissions and offset them through carbon offset projects.

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Success stories of our customers

Friedrich Friedrich – carbon neutral removals

Friedrich Friedrich uses ClimatePartner's CO2 calculator especially for house moving. By entering the individual relocation data, the amount of CO2 caused is calculated at the push of a button.

The ClimatePartner solution for logistics and transport

3 modules, for which we are happy to support you

Carbon Management      

  • Calculation, analysis and reporting of carbon emissions
  • Corporate Carbon Footprint: Carbon balance for your freight forwarder
  • Web-based CO2 tool for calculating and reporting the transport emissions of your orders according to DIN EN 16258
  • Provision of an IT interface for your business software

Carbon reduction      

  • Reduction and offsetting
  • Carbon neutral logistics by offsetting transport emissions, web-based at the touch of a button
  • Selection from more than 400 certified carbon offset projects (including Gold Standard)

Marketing of climate protection activities

  • Communication and marketing
  • Function for displaying the carbon balance, e.g. for customer reporting and tenders
  • Use of the ClimatePartner labelling system, e.g. with compensation certificates
  • Optional: Truck vignette "I drive carbon neutrally" for your vehicle fleet including individual ID number for online enquiry per truck

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Compensation through our carbon offset projects

You decide which projects you want to offer your customers for carbon offsetting. We more than 400 high quality, certified offset projects available in our portfolio and can also quickly procure many other projects worldwide through our partners.

Take a look at our portfolio - or contact us directly, we will suggest suitable projects for you!