Nature's Pride

Nature's Pride is among the first movers with FLAG targets approved by the Science Based Targets initiative

Nature's Pride

For over 20 years, Nature’s Pride has been an industry leader, providing exotic fruits and vegetables while focusing on sustainability and fairness throughout the supply chain.

The company has taken a significant step forward in its ambitious decarbonisation journey by submitting near-term targets to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). The targets were validated and published on the website of the Science Based Targets initiative in early April 2024. By doing so, it is among the first companies to have followed the SBTi’s new forest, land, and agriculture (FLAG) Sectoral Decarbonization Approach (SDA). The FLAG-SDA requires companies with more than 20% of emissions resulting from forest, land, and agricultural practices to set separate targets for these emissions.

ClimatePartner has proudly supported Nature’s Pride on its climate action journey by calculating the corporate carbon footprint and developing Science-Based targets, through to submission and validation by the SBTi.

Nature’s Pride has committed to reducing its absolute scope 1 and scope 2 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 50% by 2030, compared to its 2022 emissions. For scope 3, the company aims to reduce its emissions by 42% within the same timeframe. Nature’s Pride has additionally committed to reducing its FLAG emissions in scope 3 by 30.3% by 2030 compared to 2022 levels, and set a target of 2025 for no deforestation across its primary deforestation-linked commodities.

To achieve these targets, ClimatePartner has supported Nature's Pride in assessing its GHG emissions and identifying a range of innovative measures across the supply chain. Examples include optimising transportation routes, investing in renewable energy sources, and working hand in hand with growers to reduce emissions occurring at the farm level. These actions not only reduce Nature’s Pride’s carbon footprint, but also promote environmental stewardship and social responsibility in the agricultural sector. Through annual recalculations of its corporate carbon footprint, the company will continually monitor the effectiveness of these efforts, enabling the measures to be adapted and enhanced if required.

Nature's Pride's commitment to climate action sets an example for the industry. By publishing science-based targets, Nature’s Pride has set ambitious decarbonisation goals in alignment with the Paris Agreement that guides the company and its stakeholders in their efforts towards a more sustainable future.  

"Since its founding in 2001, Nature's Pride has always prioritised care for people and nature. Therefore, we actively work on reducing emissions in areas such as cultivation, transportation, energy, and waste. Our collaboration with ClimatePartner enables us not only to calculate our footprint, but also to set targets and understand where we can truly make an impact. ClimatePartner helps us integrate climate action into our processes. This way, we effectively take responsibility and contribute to a sustainable future."

Isidora Penning de Vries
Advisor Sustainable Business
Nature's Pride