Corporate Carbon Footprint

The carbon balance of your company

How we create your carbon balance

Your corporate carbon footprint (CCF) shows the carbon balance of your company. It is calculated in accordance with international standards such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. The first step is to establish the parameters. Which parts of the company are we looking at? To what extent do we include indirect emissions from, for example, third-party services (Scope 3)?  

The next step is to work with you to capture your usage data. For this purpose you need to fill out our online questionnaire (see screenshot below). We then research the emissions factors concerned and calculate your emissions. You then receive a detailed evaluation and record of your carbon footprint. 

This then forms the basis for the next step: a climate action strategy including reduction measures, or calculating the carbon balance of your individual products.

At every step, your dedicated personal contact at ClimatePartner will be available to assist you.

Interested in how we work? See our case studies.