Corporate Carbon Footprint

The climate balance sheet of your company

How to calculate a carbon footprint

Calculating your corporate carbon footprint (CCF) is often the starting point when it comes to climate action. It will provide you with an overview of your company's greenhouse gas emissions, your hotspots and provide you with a baseline to set targets. You can't manage what you don't measure.

Firstly, ClimatePartner helps you decide what should be included in your assessment depending on your industry and level of ambition. Indeed, carbon footprint calculations are organised into a number of wider categories, called 'Scopes'. According to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol):

  • Scope 1 are direct emissions, e.g. related to your company’s vehicle fleet
  • Scope 2 are indirect emissions, e.g. related to your building’s electricity usage
  • Scope 3 covers a wide range of indirect emissions along your entire value chain, including raw materials, logistics, business travel, employee commuting and more

Secondly, we help you gather data in the most efficient way through our cloud-based software tool. This will automatically translate activity data (e.g. miles driven in a car) into carbon emission equivalents. You can see how this impacts your footprint in real time and we provide a report with our initial recommendations.

Finally, your carbon footprint becomes the basis to develop a holistic and bespoke Climate Action Strategy. ClimatePartner can also help you set carbon reduction targets and develop a roadmap to Net Zero. You can also extend the analysis to calculating the carbon footprint of individual products - helpful for more targeted action.

What you can expect from a CCF calculation?

  • Holistic understanding of your company's impact on global warming
  • A carbon footprint report from a reputable 3rd party enabling you to report and disclose your carbon footprint externally
  • Baseline data to set carbon reduction targets (ideally Science Based), measure and report on progress
  • Identification of emissions hotspots and where your investments can yield the greatest impact
  • Ability to offset the unavoidable emissions to make your company (and your entire product portfolio) Climate Neutral

Why ClimatePartner?

  • Over 15 years of experience with over 3,000 clients helps us streamline calculations with particular expertise for FMCG, retail, print, packaging and manufacturing
  • 10,000+ emissions factors in our database, including access to Ecoinvent, GEMIS and our own proprietary LCI datasets
  • Pragmatic approach designed to give you quick results in a cost-effective manner
  • Our methodology follows the GHG Protocol and closely aligned with ISO / PAS standards

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