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Success stories in climate action

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Successfully implementing climate action

Our goal is to anchor a climate action strategy in companies, including the mandatory reduction of emissions and traceability for consumers.

The more than 6,000 companies that have worked with ClimatePartner have a climate action success story to tell. First, they calculated their carbon footprints, to better understand where their emissions came from. Then many set reduction targets and reduced their carbon emissions while financing climate projects to take responsibility for their unabated emissions. The result is a company, product, or service that stands for climate action. All clearly labelled and transparently communicated.

Let’s get started – your company or products can be ClimatePartner certified too!

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Success stories of our customers

Tiny Life by Atelier Seitz GmbH

When most trade fairs were cancelled in the spring of 2020 due to the corona pandemic, Atelier Seitz GmbH, which specialized in trade fair construction, was faced with a financial challenge. It has overcome it in creative fashion.

Climate action at Lenzing and Suominen

This collaboration shows how joint efforts in climate action work across the supply chain. Lenzing's carbon neutral Lyocell fibers are used by Suominen for the production of carbon neutral nonwovens, building the basis for consumer products such as wet wipes.

One for life: Climate action at SIGG

For more than 100 years, SIGG has been manufacturing drinking bottles that can be seen all over the world. With innovative solutions, the Swiss company has succeeded in reducing the ecological

A roadmap for decarbonisation

The production of aluminium is very energy intensive and contributes significantly to climate change, making up 3% of direct carbon emissions globally.

Our areas of expertise

ClimatePartner IT solutions

Climate action should be a simple matter. Our goal is to remove as many obstacles as possible for our partners. That is why we developed IT solutions for corporate climate action. Every year for the past decade we have been investing a double-digit R&D ratio into products such as our solutions for calculating CO2 balance sheets – whether for a company or a product. With our IT platform for climate projects, you're also just one click away from transparently labeled products.

Our climate action platform can be fully integrated with any ERP system, whether SAP, special solutions for specific industries, or developed in-house. Our IT solution gives you simple and fully automated climate action support!

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