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Success stories in climate protection

Climate protection in everyday life

Every day, we see new images from drugstores, supermarket shelves, magazines or shop windows showing climate-neutral products: "Buy our products – they're climate neutral now!"

Climate neutral products are now where they belong: an option for anyone wishing to make their small contribution towards protecting the climate. Whether it's a matter of riding on a climate neutral bus, using a climate-neutral face cream, taking climate neutral ice cream home with you or reading a climate neutral print product.

More than 1,000 companies have a climate protection success story to tell. First, how they worked to calculate and understand their carbon footprints. How they rigorously go about reducing their CO2 emissions. And how they engage in carbon offset projects so they can compensate their unavoidable emissions. The end result is a climate neutral product that, as a whole, stands for climate protection. Clearly labelled and traceable.

Your product can be climate neutral as well – join us!

Success stories of our customers

viaprinto.de – climate neutral printing

viaprinto stands also for climate protection. Every customer has the possibility to order his print product climate neutral.

Ticketino – climate neutral participation

With TICKETINO, organisers have the chance to contribute towards climate protection.

Klingele – climate neutral packaging

Klingele – climate neutral packaging Nearly 100 years of family-run business: sustainability is an essential principle of Klingele's long-term entrepreneurial activities. Waste paper is used to

Schneider Schreibgeräte – climate neutral pens

Schneider consistently focuses on sustainability and climate protection. Many products have been produced in a CO2-neutral way since 2014.

Breitsamer IMKERGOLD Honey

IMKERGOLD Fairtrade Honey by Breitsamer is completely climate neutral.

MONTANA – climate neutral heating oil and diesel fuel

MONTANA is offering its customers climate-friendly heating with fossil fuels.

Canon – climate protection in the office

Black Label Zero, Top Colour Zero and Recycled White Zero: Canon offers climate neutral office paper.

Jordi Medienhaus – climate neutral printing

The Jordi family regard the aspect of sustainability as a recipe for success.

DasEis – Climate neutral ice cream

DasEis is uncompromising: organic, Fairtrade®, made from high-quality and largely regional ingredients. And it's climate neutral, too.

Wander brand products packaged climate neutrally

The Swiss company Wander AG is known for brands like Ovomaltine, Caotina, and Jemalt. These products are packaged climate neutrally.

ClimatePartner IT solutions

Climate protection should be a simple matter. Our goal is to remove as many obstacles as possible for our partners. That is why we have been developing IT solutions for corporate climate protection. For more than 10 years now, we have been investing a double-digit R&D ratio every year. For example, for calculating CO2 balance sheets – whether for the company or a product. With our IT platform for Carbon offset projects, you're also just one click away from transparently labelled climate neutral products.
Our climate protection platform can be fully integrated with any ERP system, whether SAP, special solutions for specific industries or in-house developments. Our IT solutions give you simple and fully automated climate protection support in your own system world!

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