01 First contact

Please fill out our contact form. Based on the data you provide, we will match you with the right ClimatePartner representative.

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02 Getting to know each other

We will reach out to talk about your needs, expectations, and goals. On this basis, we will issue a contract, and after signing you will be assigned an account manager to assist you throughout the project.

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If you would like to measure your carbon footprint, become ClimatePartner certified, or are interested in making a financial climate contribution:

03 Data gathering

You provide your company's emissions data so that we can calculate your carbon footprint. We have a self-service tool where you can enter the data at your own pace.

04 Calculation

We validate your data for plausibility and check if something is missing. Based on your data, we calculate your carbon footprint and present the results to you.

If you are interested in other ClimatePartner services:

03 Additional services

If you are looking for information on CSRD, ESG, SBTi, the Network Platform, project development, or another ClimatePartner service, your account manager will help with your specific needs.

Next steps

From here, you can choose how to proceed. The options include

Your account manager will assist you in setting up a plan for the future of your climate action.

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It's your call

Your climate action can start small, like calculating the carbon footprint of your company or one product. When you want to take it further, we can do so together.


Would you like to dive deeper into one of our core topics? Visit our Climate Action Academy.

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We are looking forward to hearing from you. Get in touch!

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