Carbon neutral food

Encouraging consumers to drive climate action

Carbon neutrality for food - the challenge

To control carbon emissions and gradually reduce them is an important part of the climate action journey of a company. For the large retail chains, most emissions are caused in the supply chain and are out of reach to them. This is where the small and medium producers can convince the respective trading companies: presenting their product carbon footprints, they contribute to more clarity on the corporates' footprint or make it even easier by already offering carbon neutral products. 

What ultimately counts, however, is the consumer's opinion. They are paying more and more attention to sustainability and make their purchasing decisions accordingly. Then factors such as regionality and fair trade play a central role, as does the carbon footprint. 

Carbon neutral food - what does that mean?

For carbon neutral food, we calculate the carbon emissions throughout the life cycle of your product. This includes emissions caused by raw materials, production, distribution, processing and packaging of your product plus end-of-life. In order to make the product carbon neutral, these emissions are offset through certified carbon offset projects. 

The ClimatePartner label with its tracking ID is transparent and has a high recognition within the whole food and retail industry. Via the tracking URL associated with the ID, customers can find out about the supported carbon offset project, the calculated emissions, the certifiers of the project and the already realized carbon reductions. 

How can this also be implemented in your products? Give us a call and we will be happy to show you.

Success stories of our customers

lavera Naturkosmetik

All natural cosmetics by lavera are carbon neutral, along with raw materials, packagings, logistics, disposal, and the whole laverana company.

Port International – carbon neutral fruit

Located near the Port of Hamburg, the family-run Port International has been trading in fruit and vegetables for 140 years. The company was one of the first to introduce organic and fair trade bananas

FOCUSWATER – Carbon Neutral drinks

FOCUSWATER is the modern, low-calorie drink with a sophisticated mixture of vitamins and minerals. It thus supplies the body with important elements of daily needs and does not contain any artificial

LEON – Carbon Neutral Burgers & Fries

Naturally Fast Food brand LEON has become the first to serve a carbon-neutral burger and fries range in its more than 60 locations across the UK. For this, LEON is measuring, reducing, and offsetting

Minor Figures - Carbon Neutral Oat Drink

Minor Figures makes plant-based, 100% vegan products to lift its customers' coffee and mind - either in their homes or at their favourite local spot. Through working with ClimatePartner they measured

biologon – carbon neutral Crunchy mixes

The Tirol-based family business biologon has been passionately producing crunchy cereal and granola mixes baked in a rack oven in the traditional way and gently hand-mixed muesli and porridges from controlled organic farms since 2010.

Our offer for food producers and retail chains

  • Advice on a holistic climate protection strategy
  • Carbon footprint for your products
  • Carbon footprint for your company
  • Advice on how to reduce your emissions
  • Carbon offsetting of your emissions
  • Third-party verfied label (the registry management process of the carbon credits is certified by TÜV Austria)
  • Transparency through Tracking ID and QR Code
  • Communication and marketing support
  • Selection from more than 400 certified carbon offset projects with the highest international standards (e.g. Gold Standard)


Supporting carbon offset projects

You decide which projects you support for carbon offsetting. We always have various projects available worldwide, from forest protection or wind power to biomass or clean cooking stoves. 

Take a look at our portfolio or contact us directly, we will suggest suitable projects for you!