Aim for Net Zero with a climate action strategy

Avoid, reduce and compensate for your CO2 emissions

Have an ambitious climate action strategy

To avoid critical changes in our biosphere, it is crucial our planet remain under 1,5°C of global warming. To do so, companies need to take ambitious climate action worldwide to reduce and reverse the damage we have done. 

For corporations, a strategy sets out the priorities for climate work. It provides an agreed framework for deploying resources, creating an impact and communicating results.  When done effectively, the process of developing a strategy - as well as the resulting framework - can help to:

  • Build buy-in amongst colleagues
  • Guide resources and investment into the areas that are most important
  • Engage external stakeholders in a meaningful dialogue
  • Drive performance

Climate action strategies will consider the following: 

  • If all the right data has been collected and all sustainability risks assessed
  • Prioritise quick and easy reduction actions that can be actioned immediately 
  • Look at offsetting emissions whilst working on tougher and harder reduction initiatives company-wide
  • Make business decisions based on environmental cost and progressively incorporate reduction methods when technologies and budget arise 
  • In the long term, invest in carbon capture technologies that store carbon out of the atmosphere for good such as soil carbon sequestration

A great example of a clear Net Zero roadmap can be found from Nestle.

To understand where you are at as a business today, it is important to thoroughly measure both your corporation and range of products (if any). From this point onwards, stakeholders and senior members of staff should be involved in deciding the pace at which climate action should be taken. Strategies will vary in timeline and granularity but set dates need to be defined for reaching reduction targets. 

If you'd like help with drafting a climate action strategy, we help businesses of all sizes understand their roadmap to Net Zero. Feel free to contact us!

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