Reduce your carbon emissions with a climate action strategy

Avoid, reduce and compensate for your CO2 emissions

Creating a climate action strategy

Before delving into drafting a long term climate action strategy for your business, it's first crucial to measure where you are at today. The foundation for your climate action strategy is first understanding your corporate carbon footprint. These measurements allow us to understand what areas of your business have the greatest potential for reduction. The most efficient roadmap to reducing your footprint will be to gradually incorporate carbon reduction measures and re-evaluate frequently what action you can take to further accelerate climate action. As measures are successfully implemented, your footprint will reduce and this will be reflected in a lower carbon footprint the following year.

In addition to reducing your emissions, it is also a good idea to offset your existing emissions via carbon offset projects. In this way, you can make an immediate impact whilst you commit to the long-term battle against climate change.