ClimatePartner Protocol

ClimatePartner Protocol

About the ClimatePartner Protocol

Transparency has always been of paramount importance to us. This is why ClimatePartner's solutions have always tied in with a label, which assigns a ClimatePartner ID to every carbon offset. The online tracking system is one of the most transparent systems in the world, and enables anyone to understand companies' climate action journeys.

Additionally, our ClimatePartner Protocol highlights all of the important aspects and stages of our work, and explains what really matters in each instance. 

We update the ClimatePartner Protocol on a regular basis in order to take into account new scientific findings relating to climate change, developments in life cycle analysis, and new trends in the voluntary carbon market. As such, the requirements and recommendations below can change over time.

In April 2023, we launched the ClimatePartner certification and developed a separate protocol for this. For climate neutral products, companies, and services, the corresponding protocol is still valid.

Download Protocol for carbon neutrality

Download Protocol for ClimatePartner certification

Download Checklist for the Financial climate contribution label